See You at Breakfast tomorrow Thursday?

(pic: Dr. Acquilla Faye and Music In Motion DJ Steve Max) Dr. Acquilla Faye is a Good Friend of the Showroom, in fact she was featured at a Podcast we Hosted here in the Home of the Interactive Showroom 6 months ago.  Dr. Faye is an amazing inspiring educated woman and she is hosting a DESTRESS BREAKFAST AND TRAINING FOR CEOS ( a specialty for her) tomorrow at the Capitol Club downtown Raleigh 8:am – 10:am and its just down the street from the Showroom,

We are GOING and WE are spreading the word as Dr. Faye PROMISES this will be a WORLD OF FUN while learning, updating you all to the corporate wellness programs, show you successful plans that have been developed over months to support CEOs with creating more balance, fulfillment in life.  Dr. Faye teaches that when the head person (CEO) is in balance then the entire company becomes more productive and active towards increasing the bottom-line while aligning with the company’s vision and this is what you will get + a whole lot more out of tomorrow’s DESTRESS BREAKFAST AND TRAINING FOR CEOS at the Capitol Club downtown Raleigh 8:am – 10:am – Tickets: RSVP MY SEAT, click Below


With respect to our Entertainment Company Blogging and Posting more frequently our successful weddings and events we will!  We been absent due to the busy season, the need to focus 110% on our current weddings/events, coming off our annual Bridal Show last weekend, and believe it or not the County Schools are already calling in for their Homecoming Dances and Schools are in full session starting next week, can you believe it?!  See You tomorrow morning!


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