What is our Showroom All about?

Our showroom is not just a bunch of products for viewing,  http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com

showroom_2017 008

Our Showroom is the real deal, your opportunity not only to see our products/services that we have to offer BUT our showroom is a live demonstration of our talented DJ Talent and hear our excellent MC skills on the microphone.  Our Showroom includes a showing of our Decor LED Wall Up-Lighting that is all set up as it would be at your venue.

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Visit with Snap Shot Photo Booth and leave with a memorabilia of your time spent here in the Showroom with a quality Photo Strip.

SnapShotnew 002

Critics fear our Showroom because it truly separates our Entertainment Company apart from the others.  Our Home of the Interactive Showroom,  http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/home/interactive-showroom/ is truly a one of a kind experience for all Bride & Grooms and honestly anyone seeking the best entertainment possible for their wedding or event.  Rather than meet your Photo Booth Host or your DJ/MC at an internet café such as a Starbucks or an Olive Garden to hire him/her off a laptop presentation, or meet at a corporate setting, or meet at his/her home…look no further because for a lesser rate than what the offers offer at a Starbucks, Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth can provide you the real experience as we would be at your Wedding or Special Event. Conveniently located just up the street from Costco, https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=2007+Wake+Forest+Road%2C+Raleigh%2C+NC we provide you a no obligation personalized live demonstration of our DJ talent from the Team,  http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/dj-team-prices/ our MC skills on the mic, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/dj-team-prices/ products, (Dry Ice)  http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/dry-ice-dancing-on-a-cloud services, (Photo Booth)  http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/photobooth  and now showing in our Showroom:  DRY ICE,  http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/dry-ice-dancing-on-a-cloud “dancing on a cloud” for your First Dance – the newest Wedding Trend.


When you enter into our Interactive Showroom you will be greeted by soft top 40 background music, the showroom is set up like a banquet hall, with our elegant décor LED wall up-lighting surrounding the entire room, table/chairs on one side, dance floor in the center, with our sound systems, and the dance lighting on the on the other side.  All you do is come in, sit back, relax, enjoy some refreshments, and watch our DJ/MC perform live, see, hear all our DJ packages we offer via our brochure/website,  http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/home/about-us/.   Let’s not forget about our affordable combo packages with our very own In-House Feel The Moment Photography (Doug- co. Photographer) and see his professional work displayed here in the Showroom. + WE DO RENTALS!

dance floors 004

How cool is it to actually pick out which sound system you most prefer for your wedding?   How cool is it to choose from a variety of dance lighting that all go to the beat of the music for the dancing?  Not only is it an awesome experience, but it’s free, it’s fun, we love doing them, and absolutely no obligation.  No pressure, In fact we encourage all our Bride/Groom’s and Clients to exhaust their options by checking out the competition because honestly you are not going to know what a great value you’re getting with our entertainment company unless you do!    To learn more about our one of a kind DJ/MC Interactive Showroom and to see our successful events/weddings, please consider the following resources; SEE YOU SOON:-)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion – be sure to LIKE us:-)

Daily BLOG: http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/blog

Music In Motion DJs BLOG: https://musicinmotionblog.wordpress.com

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Contact Us: http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/contact/

Visit us Today: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=2007+Wake+Forest+Road%2C+Raleigh%2C+NC

PodCast: http://www.quarantineenterprise.com

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