Picture of 2017

Picture Perfect right here and you couldn’t get any higher dancing on a cloud this past Summer for the First Dance than at our neighboring “Preferred Vendor Account” (preferred vendor = a Banquet Manager or Venue that Highly recommends our Entertainment Company) being The Capital City Club, www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/City-Club-Raleigh which sets 15 stories high above the beautiful scenic view of downtown Raleigh.

capitalcityclub_wedd 005

The now married Mr. & Mrs. Mammon absolutely loved their First Dance “Dancing on a Cloud” and they absolutely loved that not one guest was sitting down during their entire non-stop dancing celebration from of course Feel The Sound Productions, (about-us)  with Music In Motion DJs(website) Home of The DJ/MC INTERACTIVE Showroom, which is a “real” experienced Disc Jockey wedding/event Team, (meet-us) supplying  Karaoke, (Sing-a-Song-or-Sing-Along)Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, (photo-gallery), our specialty DRY-ICE, “dancing on a cloud” for the Wedding First Dance, together with Feel The Moment Photography(packages), and Photo Booth,  – SnapShot-PhotoBooth entertainment company! We Thank Mr. & Mrs. Mammon for hiring the True Professional Event/Wedding Entertainment Specialists! 🙂  To view more picture perfect photos and to see other successful events/weddings, please consider the following resources;

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capitalcityclub_wedd 024

DJ G-Spin a.k.a. Music In Motion DJ Max, with Mr. & Mrs. Mammon


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