We Closed:-(

No No NO!!!  We mean we closed for today only due to the snowy weather!!!  We are Waaaayyyy to successful to really close our doors or Waaaayyyy to successful to even think of selling so Pual-eeesse do NOT worry about our successful Entertainment Company Feel The Sound Productions, (about-us) with Music In Motion DJs, (website)  the Home of The DJ/MC INTERACTIVE Showroom which is a “real” experienced Disc Jockey wedding/event Team, (meet-us)  supplying Karaoke, (Sing-a-Song-or-Sing-Along) Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, (photo-gallery) our specialty DRY-ICE “dancing on a cloud” for the Wedding First Dance, together with Feel The Moment Photography(packages) and Photo Booth – Snap-Shot-Photobooth entertainment company going anywhere!! However, OMG check out our warehouse today off Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh,

showroom_2017 050

Oh and the Owner MJ wanted us to Post the a.k.a. “pretty tree” next to our Showroom, we guess…

showroom_2017 054

But “Hey” with four appointment’s scheduled for today from the Bridal Show, for the safety of our Brides and Staff we of course had to re-schedule all our appointments today.   Everyone just stay home, enjoy some Coco in front of the fireplace or better yet listen to our prior fun Podcast’s https:www.quarantineenterprises.com with the family or your Significant Other or you can always check out more photos and see other successful events/weddings we have done considering the following resources;

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Daily BLOG: http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/blog

Music In Motion DJs BLOG: https://musicinmotionblog.wordpress.com


PodCast: http://www.quarantineenterprise.com

Please Note:  The music played during the Quarantine Radio Podcast is not a reflection of the music that will be played at your Special Event/Wedding.  Podcast music played is not directly associated with Music In Motion DJs play list however, the Podcast music choices are all clean versions which is what you would expect at your special event/wedding from Music In Motion DJs although all our Client’s/Brides/Groom’s are encouraged to choose their own music for their wedding or special event.

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