What Guests Really WANT at your Wedding…

“What Guest’s REALLY Want & Don’t Want” at your Wedding/Event in accordance to Bridal Magazine, www.brides.com

Bridal Magazine surveyed 100 Wedding Guests and came up with the following on “What Guest’s Really Want”

  • Dress Code, being Cocktail Attire/Semi Formal V.S. Dressy or Formal Attire.
  • Decor, they appreciate a banquet room that looks amazing V.S. plain.
  • Offer a Late Night Buffet such as Hot Dogs, finger food, or Popcorn machine.
  • Bride & Groom don’t offer or be a match-maker for their single Guests.
  • Make it a party V.S. conservative or stuffy event.
  • A majority of Guests appreciated the party favor/laughter that came with a Photo Booth.
  • Don’t interrupt the celebration for the Cake Cutting Ceremony.
  • Provide Easy Directions or free transportation to & from.
  • No assign  seating.
  • Drum Roll… Invest In the Booze being an Open Bar!

And Finally Guest’s also really wanted the Bride & Groom to hire US, (About-Us) Feel The Sound With Music In Motion, (Website) Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroom, which is a “real” experienced Disc Jockey wedding/event Team, Karaoke, (Sing-A-Song) Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, (Photo-Gallery) our specialty DRY-ICE  “dancing on a cloud” for the Wedding First Dance, and Photobooth – Snap Shot Photo Booth entertainment company. OK so this was not on the list but we can honestly say as with Number 6. that we can make your Wedding/Event a successful Celebration, not to mention per Number 5. supplying a fun affordable Photo Booth, and per Number 9. make your venue look amazing with our Décor LED Wall Up-Lighting.

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