2016 Wedding Winner of the Moment…

will be coming to you in our next Blog/Post – finally after a busy 2016 (we are now in June 2017) Season the votes are in!  First let us remind you of our last two Wedding Winners of 2014 and 2015 since we we launched our votes for our Annual Wedding Winner Moment.   Beginning with (featured pic) Wedding Winner Moment of 2014 when our Bride & Groom performed their First Dance under flash lights, yep.  Their First Dance song provided from one of our very own generators that we just so happen to have on hand in our company trucks because the venue unfortunately (weather related) lost power for several hours but the Wedding went on!

05.16.15perrywedding 017


Then there is Wedding Winner Moment of 2015 when the Bride’s amazing Grandmother above was up on the dance floor doing the traditional line dance “The Wobble” yep…Grandma doing the Wobble together with all the Guests, of course their are probably other awesome Grandma’s out there that can do the Wobble but we caught the moment at this Wedding.  Now in our next MIM DJs Blog/Post Feel The Sound With Music In Motion, (Website) Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroom, which is a “real” experienced Disc Jockey wedding/event Team, Karaoke, (Sing-A-Song)  Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, (Photo-Gallery) our specialty DRY-ICE “dancing on a cloud” for the Wedding First Dance, and Photobooth – Snap Shot Photo Booth entertainment company will be announcing “Wedding Winner Moment of 2016” in our next Blog/Post.  All we can say for now as the excitement builds… Wedding Winner of 2016 is a very sweet, unforgettable, and precious moment on the dance floor, we sort of went a different direction when selecting Wedding Winner Moment of 2016.  In the meantime to view more photos and to see other successful weddings/event winners, please consider the following resources;

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