Why A Mirror (disco) Ball?


60thbday2016 005

The original Mirror Ball (don’t be fooled by those imitators) a.k.a. Disco Ball is no longer your 70’s look.  In fact it’s actually a pretty cool Decor feature look as it sparkles high above, being seen from afar, spreading across all four corners of the room, on the floor, and on the ceiling when people/Guests first enter the banquet room or even when entering under an outdoor tent.  The pics are not justified enough – it’s hard to see the Mirror Ball in it’s full effect in pictures however, if you want to see the true effect of how our Mirror Ball will look at your wedding/event – we strongly suggest to visit Feel The Sound With Music In Motion, website Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroom, which is an event DJ, Karaoke, wedding DJ, an all-around seasoned Disc Jockey Team,  Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, photo-gallery our specialty DRY ICE, “dancing_on_a_cloud” for the Wedding First Dance, and Photobooth –  Snap Shot Photo Booth entertainment company.   Yesterday we Blogged/Posted about Tamara’s successful 60th Birthday party (scroll down) that we entertained last month, well they also added the Mirror Ball from Feel The Sound Productions, about-us all because she saw it here in our Interactive Showroom and absolutely loved its true effect V.S. over an imitation.  When we first launched the Mirror Ball it was to take away from all the flashy blinking dance lights that go to the beat of the music for slow dancing.  Now we shut down all those dance lights and simply rely on just the Mirror Ball effect when people/Guests are slow dancing.  Following the slow dancing under the Mirror Ball effect we kick on that next party tune and the dance lights are back on.  Since we introduced the Mirror Ball we now offer it from the moment when the very first guest(s) arrive in the banquet room, its on during the cocktail hour, dinner hour, First Dance, and at Tamara’s 60th Birthday celebration she had the Mirror Ball through-out the entire night because they chose not to have any dance lighting but simply to enjoy the cool effect of the original traditional Mirror Ball a.k.a. Disco Ball.   Thanks for having the True Professional Entertainers Tamara and to view more photos of Tamara’s 60th Birthday Bash and to see other successful events/weddings, please consider the following resources;

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