Dancing on a Cloud

dryice_cake02.20.16 005Over at the State University Club at NC State, https://ncsuclub.com/ was the Beautiful and breathtaking First Dance with Mr. & Mrs. Rogers wedding reception.  You should have seen all the Guests put their hands up to their mouths once the Dry Ice quickly formed a cloud on the dance floor as the Bride-N-Groom began there First Dance “dancing on a cloud”, followed by huge smiles from both the Bride-N-Groom as well as all the Guests with tons of cell phones suddenly clicking away taking pictures and then as more of the cloud formed around the Bride-N-Groom everyone applauded them.  To conclude; Mr. Rogers ended the First Dance ‘dancing on a cloud” by dipping his Bride into the cloud for his everlasting kiss, then came dinner – then came the Celebration which we will share with you all in tomorrow’s Blog/Post.  Feel The Sound With Music In Motion, website Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroomshowroom which is an event DJ, wedding DJ, Disc Jockey Team, DJs Karaoke, Hosts Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, photo_gallery our specialty DRY ICE, (check-it-out) “dancing on a cloud” for the Wedding First Dance, and Photo Booth, SnapShot –  Snap Shot Photo Booth entertainment company is the only successful entertainment company that provides this newest trend in wedding trends today, in fact juts recently (scroll on down) we supplied Dry Ice “dancing on a cloud” for Nadia’s Quinceanera and her first dance with her Farther “dancing on a cloud” honestly, priceless.  To view more photos and to see other successful events/weddings, please consider the following resources;

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