10 Things Every Bride Should Know cont….

Continuing our educational article that we brought you on Friday about 10 Things Every Bride Should Know… Feel The Sound With Music In Motion,  Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroom, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com which is an event DJ, Karaoke, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/karaoke  wedding DJ/MC, an all-around seasoned Disc Jockey Team, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/dj-team-prices/  Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/photo-gallery/ our specialty DRY ICE, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/dry-ice-dancing-on-a-cloud “dancing on a cloud” for the Wedding First Dance, and Photo Booth –  Snap Shot Photo Booth, photobooth entertainment company gave you numbers 10-6 of 10 Things Every Bride Should Know and this in our last Post/Blog. Today here is No. 5 thru no. 1 of 10 Things Every Bride Should Know by MIM

5. Mother Nature will be invited – plan accordingly.

4. Plan for paperwork:  Marriage license, name change forms, etc.

3. Remain to be flexible.  Unfortunately something will go wrong, but not with our entertainment company, but it doesn’t have to affect the overall celebration besides if you hired the True Professional Entertainers About Us then we don’t see anyone leaving.

2. Hire help, Either a Wedding Planner or a Day of Coordinator which our company has recommendations here in our Interactive Showroom, contact on our Networking shelf.

  1. “Wedding Rules” are just guidelines – plan your day your way…whether you hire our entertainment company or not know we are always here for your support, advice, suggestions, and always available to answer any questions you may have to help plan the perfect wedding.

Well there you have it, and to see 10-6 of 10 Things Every Bride Should Know please scroll down.  To view more educational articles and to see other successful events/weddings, please consider the following resources;

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