March is our educational wedding article month to help you plan the perfect wedding! This is the time of year it slows down, Bridal Show season, and is the dead of winter where weather can play a factor, basically its our slow time allowing Us to share our expert advice with you all from the true professional Entertainers,  We do a lot of research which keeps our entertainment company, Feel The Sound With Music In Motion, Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroom, an event DJ, wedding DJ, Disc Jockey, Karaoke, Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, our specialty DRY ICE, “dancing on a cloud” for the Wedding First Dance, and Photo Booth, –  Snap Shot Photo Booth ahead of the game in the wedding industry.  In fact you may refer to Alan Fileds co-author of “Bridal Bargains” for these same tips that we are sharing with you today.  Let’s begin by saying that when Parents were paying for the wedding, Bridal Couples didn’t have any trouble spending money.  Now with toady’s savvy Bride-N-Groom’s paying for their own wedding, you are looking for ways to economize.  Here’s #1 of “5 Ways To Cut Wedding Costs”

No. 1

Plan your wedding for an off-month, an off-day, or an off-time, and you can often negotiate discounts from 10%-30% on everything from catering, to Music In Motion DJ’s, to Photography.  For example; A wedding January – March or a wedding November/December, or a wedding held on a Friday or on a Sunday are less expensive than a Saturday Wedding and less expensive than a prime time of of year being Spring or Fall.  In fact our entertainment company offers 15% off discount if your wedding is held January – March and 15% off if your wedding is held on a Friday or Sunday.  This discount is posted on the home page of our website, (simply scroll down) as well as in our Brochure. To see no. 4 through no. 1 of 5 “Ways To Cut Wedding Costs” tune back in tomorrow and to currently see other successful events/educational articles, please consider the following resources;

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