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Feel The Sound With Music In Motion, Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroom an event DJ, wedding DJ, Disc Jockey, Karaoke, Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, and Photo Booth –  Snap Shot Photo Booth,  entertainment company started our Facebook Page and BLOG on March 20, 2014,  We have 2,616 readers/followers per our BLOG and 60 LIKES on our Facebook page from just one year ago when we launched both our BLOG and Facebook.  Not to bad considering our Facebook is only used as a “timeline” of current activity and pics for our Bride/Groom’s/Clients to see.  Honestly its the continuous Blogging that describes who we really are, what we are honestly up to on a daily basis, simply knowing that we are very active, and all this in a more descriptive detail through Blogging. Thank you to all our Followers who have taken the time to read up on us and for those Readers who continue to follow Us.  Our Readers/Followers make a huge difference in our success rate and for that reason alone our entire Team, here at Feel The Sound With Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth greatly appreciates you!  Introducing Music In Motion DJ’s Blog – WordPress,  started January, 2015. A special thanks to Google e-Blogger, for the opportunity to Post our Blogs.  To view other past BLOGS/POSTS and other recent events/weddings, please consider the following resources;

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Daily BLOG

Music In Motion DJs BLOG,

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