Decor LED Up-Lighting looks “amazing”

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Feel The Sound With Music In Motion, Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroom an event DJ, wedding DJ, Disc Jockey, Karaoke, Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, and Photo Booth –  Snap Shot Photo Booth, entertainment company has Blooged/Posted on our Event Decor LED Wall Up-Lighting a.k.a. Ambient Lighting or simply referred to as Up Lights in the past and honestly you can not report enough on our Decor LED Wall Up Lighting because implementing our Decor LED Wall Up-Lighting is truly creating a colorful atmosphere at your event/wedding that no other Decor Lighting can do.  Two ways Bride/Groom’s and/or Client’s consider Decor LED Wall Up-lighting… 1. either they know they want them or 2. you have no idea until you actually come into our Interactive Showroom and see first hand for yourself the Decor Lighting surrounding our entire Showroom, then your like “Hhmmm, these decor lights really do make the room look “amazing”

The thing with our Decor LED Wall Up-lighting is they are the best on the market, Chauvet’s SlimPar 64s, – can’t beat em, and what they do is they start from the floor and rise up, crawling up along the wall opening up like a cone, with a throw distance of 15 hundred feet, so they bounce off the ceiling, and with 12 or more (recommended) they can transfer any room or venue into “Wow” effect when your Guests enter your event/wedding for the first time.  Take a look through our Photo Gallery; Plus we are the only entertainment company who offers a complimentary site check!  Meaning we will come to your venue prior to the event/wedding, meet you there, set up several lights along a wall, and you can get a visual for yourself. Finally do not compare the Decor LED Wall Up-lighting to your $600.00 DJ budget,  Even though our entertainment company offers the Decor LED Wall Up-Lighting you must consider it as a separate cost, a decor expense, an add on as with the Photo Booth – which we also offer:-) Speaking of expense our Decor LED Wall U-Lighting is not only worth it – transforming your room/venue into amazing colors (your theme) but we created Decor LED Wall Up-Lighting packages that are very affordable, take a look, scroll on down, then call 919.880.2625 to come in, and see the variety of Decor LED Wall Up-Light colors we can create to match your event/wedding.   To view more photos of our Decor LED Wall Up-Lighting, please consider the following resources;

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