10 Answers Every Bride Should know continued…

We wanted to take a moment to thank all our followers/readers for the kind compliments in this series “10 Questions Every Bride Should Ask & 10 Things Every Bride Should Know”, Thank You.  Feel The Sound With Music In Motion, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/ Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroomhttp://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/home/interactive-showroom/ an event DJ, wedding DJ, Disc Jockey, Karaoke, Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, and Photo Booth –  Snap Shot Photo Booth, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/photobooth entertainment company has been writing a series in our BLOGS-N-POSTS providing answers to our series that we first brought you last week “10 Things Every Bride Should Know” when hiring their Music In Motion DJ, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/dj-team-prices-gallery  Yesterday we BLOGGED-N-POSTED answers to #5 and #6, Today we answer #4 and #3, and tomorrow we conclude with answers to #2 and #1.

  1. How many weddings have you done?

Just like any other profession, performing for weddings requires one’s skills to be in top form. If a DJ performs for only a few weddings per year, they may not be “at the top of their game” by the time your wedding date arrives. Asking how many weddings they do per year will give you an indication of their level of commitment to your type of event.  For example; one of our DJ’s possess 5 years experience verses another one of our DJ’s with 10+ years experience, doesn’t make him or her a better DJ over the other for your wedding, which is why you should take advantage to meet with your DJ who is available to perform for your wedding in Raleigh’s first ever and only DJ/MC Interactive Showroom for a no obligation consultation demonstration of his/her DJ talent, MC skills, as well as to discuss our many other products such as showing DRY ICE “dancing on a cloud” for your First Dance and services such as Snap Shot Photo Booth.

showroom 007

  1. How long will you hold our date for us?

When you contact a professional disc jockey company, they should be willing to hold your date for you for a reasonable amount of time in order to give you a chance to meet with them. They should also give you ample time after your meeting to make a decision and give you time to interview other DJs.  Some DJs will use pressure sales tactics to “hard close” you at your meeting, offering a special sale that ends that day, or claiming that another couple is meeting with them for the same date – attempting to pressure you to make a decision on the spot.  Any DJ that uses these types of tactics is unprofessional and is most likely doing so in order to keep you from meeting other DJs (whom they think you’ll like more than you like them).  Not the case when you visit our no obligation DJ/MC Interactive Showroom because we offer a free, consultation, demonstration, and you will leave with a lot of helpful information.  One week is a reasonable amount of time to expect your date to be held following an initial meeting.  Here at Feel The Sound with Music In Motion, we give two weeks.  Besides you are not going yo know what a great value you are getting with our entertainment company unless you do.

Shoes Burning w-red co name

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