10 Answers Every Bride Should Know

In Feel The Sound With Music In Motion, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com Home of The DJ/MC Interactive Showroom, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/home/interactive-showroom/ an event DJ, wedding DJ, Disc Jockey, Karaoke, Décor LED ambient wall up-lighting, and Photo Booth –  Snap Shot Photo Booth, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/photobooth entertainment company’s BLOG and POST yesterday we brought you 10 Questions that Every Bride Should Ask her Music In Motion DJ, http://www.feelthesoundwithmusicinmotion.com/dj-team-prices-gallery  Today we have #10 & # 9 Answers and tomorrow we will Answer #8 & #9.

  1. What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to the wedding?


Despite meticulous planning and preparation, accidents do happen.  If the DJ is injured or otherwise unable to perform on your wedding day, what is the backup plan?  Most responsible professionals have some sort of backup strategy should this situation ever arise, but others do not.  Often, DJs will be members of a local DJ association, and network with other DJs who could possibly provide backup services for them in the event of an emergency.  Others take this planning more seriously and reserve a specific DJ for every date, ensuring that backup is both available and prepared in case of an emergency.  You need to feel comfortable that you will still have a qualified, prepared DJ on your wedding day, regardless of the circumstances, so the answer to this question is very important.  Our practice here at Feel The Sound with Music In Motion has always been that every DJ has back up equipment on site at your event and that we have an emergency DJ available on the day of your event/wedding with a copy of your itinerary until 10:pm – this is not only our practice but our guarantee.

  1. What would you do to motivate my guests if nobody is dancing?

10.13.14_wedd 010

Different wedding disc jockeys handle this situation in very different ways – some opt to use the microphone to try to “energize” your guests and motivate them to dance. Others would never do something like this and prefer to use careful song selections to ensure dance floor success.  Or unfortunately hide behind the system and hope.  You need to know what the DJ would do in this situation, and determine if that is the way you would like the situation handled.  When you schedule your Interactive  Showroom appointment we will be delighted to answer this question in person as we do not want to give out our secret remedies, think of it as the secret to our success and know we have the answer:-)

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